Navigating the Second Trimester

Ah, the second trimester; you are finally starting to show a little bit of cute pregnancy belly, the morning sickness is mostly gone, and the hormonal swings have calmed down for the time being.  This is a great time to take some time for yourself and get yourself comfortable before that baby starts taking up space.  You may notice a few aches and pains near the end of the second trimester as your hips and ribs expand to make room for your growing uterus.  If you have an exhausting day, sit back with a cup of tea and a good book; your body is doing more work than you even know!


Choosing your birth and breastfeeding class

By the end of the second trimester, you should be ready to sign up for your Lamaze birth class and breastfeeding class.  Ideally, you will find a class that covers both topics together.  A good class will give you more time to ask questions, get to know other expectant families, and practice natural laboring techniques.  Even if you plan to get an epidural, you should still have some tools to cope with pain for two reasons. 1: some epidurals don’t completely take, and you may still be stuck feeling a couple things. 2: you may not be able to get your epidural the second you start feeling labor pains, so it is good to know how to cope until anesthesia can get to you.  Remember, the more you know about birth, the more you can be empowered and have control over your birth experience.

Tips, tricks and favorite products:


As your body changes, you may find that some of your old clothes don’t fit.  You will definitely want to invest in some comfortable supportive bras, maternity pants and dresses.  Trust me on this; by the time you get to your last month, you will be thankful for the dresses because nothing else will feel good.  Also, invest in a nice pair of slip-on shoes one shoe size bigger than your current shoe size.  You will thank yourself when you can’t reach your toes.


Now is a good time to start reading up on the birth process and breastfeeding.  Yes, it will be covered in your birth class, but you will be so overwhelmed with all the new information that it will be hard to absorb.  If you start the learning process on your own late in the second trimester, you will have time to ask questions about the parts that you truly don’t understand.  Most birth books are pretty good at covering the process, but I liked The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth and Breastfeeding Made Simple.



As your body grows, you may find that your regular exercise routine is getting a little uncomfortable.  Prenatal yoga is a great way to keep your body in shape and prepare it for birth.  Most yoga studios offer special rates for expectant mothers, so give it a try!  It will help you relax and stay fit for your little one! And you can always stock up on DVD’s if your budget is tight!

Your body

As your body grows, you may find that sleeping starts to get a little more uncomfortable.  If you are burying yourself in a mountain of pillows, you might want to consider getting a pregnancy body pillow.   Oh, and don’t forget to keep drinking water.  Dehydration can cause all sorts of issues in pregnancy, and it is so easy to prevent!

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