Giving birth is so much more than a medical event. While of course a healthy mother and healthy baby are of the utmost importance, decades of research show that the psychological impact of childbirth “contribute[s] to their self-confidence and self-esteem” for decades to come. “…Control over what was happening to them and the decisions about their care were important factors in long-term satisfaction… If she is nurtured, treated with kindness and respect, and feels like a participant, the positive impact is permanent.” (Simkin, “Just Another Day…” Part I, Part II)

Lamaze childbirth education and support from a professional doula are demonstrated to help mothers achieve just this sort of positive experience.

At Cradled in Joy, we believe that every woman should have access to professional pregnancy, labor, and postpartum support. We strive to provide services at a rate that is affordable to most families in our area; indeed, many of those families wind up telling us that the support we provided was worth so much more. Unfortunately, not every woman is able to finance the care she deserves.

If you find yourself in the first group, please consider donating to our scholarship fund. Donating through Paypal is quick, easy, and secure. Your donation can make a difference to a new mother’s well-being, which in turn benefits her baby and our shared society.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

If, on the other hand, you find yourself in the second group and struggling to afford the care you know you need, please contact us to discuss your options for payment. (Start with this article for some ideas.)

Clients under the age of 20, and those enrolled in SNAP or WIC, are invited to apply for a scholarship for up to 50% off their package price. Scholarships will be awarded from available funds in the Cradled in Joy scholarship account.


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