As your doulas, our primary responsibility is to assist you with your labor and birth.  While we would love to take stunning photographs of your birth story, we will only be able to do so during the moments you do not need our doula support.  This means that we may get very few photographs until the postpartum period.  If you want to be sure to have photographs of your labor and birth, we strongly suggest you hire a photographer or ask a family member to take pictures for you.

Most times, there will be a quiet moment during the postpartum in which we are happy to shoot a few pictures of you, your baby and all the members of the new family.  We are happy to take these pictures with our own cameras, or with one you provide.

Rachel also does newborn and family photos.  If you would like, she can do newborn photographs at the same time as one of our postpartum doula visits, for an additional fee.  Please visit to take a look at some of her work and feel free to contact her if you would like her to take memorable photos of your new bundle of joy!


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