Birth Doula Support

At this time, we are unavailable for doula services, but are happy to provide referrals to doulas who are accepting clients!

Whether your labor is all-natural or highly medical, your doula’s job is to support you as you make the choices that are right for you. No matter what your birth plan, birth location, care provider, feeding choices, or lifestyle, we want to support you and help you have the best experience possible. A doula can help you achieve those goals and support you AND your partner in a unique way that improves your birth outcome and experience. To learn more about how we work with you and your partner, read this post.

We are trained by DONA, Doulas of North America. To learn more about what that means about how we practice, please follow these links: What is a Birth Doula?DONA Birth Doula Code of Ethics.

When you hire a Cradled in Joy doula, you can expect:

  • 2-3 pre-natal visits to discuss your birth preferences, comfort measures, your immediate postpartum plan including breastfeeding, and anything else to help prepare us to work with you during labor and the postpartum period;
  • availability by phone, text, and email throughout your pregnancy to help you gather and process information relevant to your care;
  • 24-hour on-call availability beginning 2 weeks before your due date and lasting until your baby’s arrival;
  • continuous emotional and physical support during active labor, including support for your partner and other important members of your birth team as our duties to you allow;
  • at least 2 hours of postpartum support, assistance with breastfeeding initiation, and any other services that will help you transition to life with your newborn;
  • 1-2 postpartum visits to follow up on postpartum self-care, baby-care, and breastfeeding;
  • photographs, when possible, of your labor and birth. Our primary role as doulas is to assist you during labor, but if you like and the circumstances allow, we will take photographs during the moments you are coping well on your own. Circumstances permitting, we will photograph your family in the immediate postpartum period as long as we have fulfilled all of our doula duties first.

Our global fee for birth doula services is $500. One half of the fee is due at contract signing, with the remainder due by 37 weeks gestation. If this seems like a stretch for you, please speak to us about payment plans, including our scholarship fund.



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