Placenta Capsule Instructions

The general recommendation is to take 1-2 capsules, 3 times per day for the first 10-14 days, then adjust down as needed. My pills are very finely ground, so you may wish to start on the low end of that number and adjust up as needed. Take your first couple of doses at a time of day when you will be up for a while, since they often result in a boost of energy, which may cause difficulty sleeping.

How do you know your dosage works for you? You will feel balanced. If you miss a dose and you feel down, moody, or lacking in energy, then you will know that you are at a dosage level that works for you. If you miss a dose and still feel good, then feel free to adjust dosage down. Your body will tell you what it needs.  Extend the length of your capsule supply by taking the right amount of pills for you.

Do not take your placenta capsules if you are fighting a virus or other infection, including mastitis. You may resume taking them once your body has fought off the cold, flu, or other infection.

You can also use your pills during menstruation, weaning, menopause, or other times of emotional transition. If your placenta is for a daughter, she may take them when she menstruates as well.

Legal stuff:

Placenta encapsulation has not been evaluated or endorsed by the FDA and this is not meant to substitute for medical advice. Please consult with a trusted health professional before using this supplement.

Learn more about my process here.

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For my services and fees, go here.


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