About My Process and Certifications

I encapsulate placentas using the raw method, in which I dehydrate the placenta raw. It is believed by many mothers that raw encapsulation keeps many components more intact, delivering a stronger punch and more benefit to the capsules.

Best practices include clean and sanitary preparation!

I ensure the safety of preparation by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all my tools, equipment, and work areas twice before I work on your placenta. In addition, I use fully disposable gear, including gloves, aprons, prep surfaces, and face masks to make sure your placenta is not exposed to anything other than fresh air. I use stainless steel tools and food-grade plastic for all of the preparation process.

I use vegan capsules, so they are safe for vegetarian and vegan consumption.

In addition,  I have obtained the following certifications to ensure that your placenta is prepared in clean, sanitary, and safe conditions:

American Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogens


Servsafe Ohio Food Handler



Discover the benefits of encapsulation here. 

Have you registered and want to know what to do with your placenta when it arrives? Go here.

For my services and fees, go here.

Legal stuff:

Placenta encapsulation has not been evaluated or endorsed by the FDA and this is not meant to substitute for medical advice. Please consult with a trusted health professional before using this or any supplement.


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