Placenta Encapsulation


Many mothers find that placenta encapsulation helps with recovery, boosts milk supply and keeps postpartum blues at bay! In addition to capsules, Rachel makes placenta prints and tinctures.

I use food safe practices to prepare your placenta and I sanitize everything twice between each use. All of my supplies are stainless steel or food grade plastic and I use disposable aprons, gloves, masks and cutting boards to keep your placenta as pure as possible.


Placenta encapsulation $175

Placenta tincture (add-on only) $20

Placenta print (add-on only) $15

..Or all three (capsules, tincture and a print) for $200

Placenta services include capsules, tinctures, prints, and keepsakes!

Email for more information and to register for your encapsulation!

Learn more about my process here.

Discover the benefits of encapsulation here. 

Have you registered and want to know what to do with your placenta when it arrives? Go here.

Legal stuff:

Placenta encapsulation has not been evaluated or endorsed by the FDA and this is not meant to substitute for medical advice. Please consult with a trusted health professional before using this or any supplement.


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