Cloth Diaper Services


If you are considering the rewarding plunge into cloth diapering, make sure you are educated and informed to have the best success on your cloth diapering journey!  Rachel offers the skills, education, and experience (4 years of cloth diapering two children and counting!) to help you have the best and most fun cloth diapering experience possible!

Rachel is a GroVia cloth diaper Advocate who can help you:

  • Select the right brand and style of cloth diaper for your family
  • Learn more about the simplicity and benefits of cloth diapers
  • Troubleshoot fit and absorbency issues
  • Maximize and simplify your wash routine

I have samples of all the major cloth diaper brands available for demonstrations, and I have completed the Fluff Love University course on cloth diaper care.


I am available for:

  • Consultations
  • Cloth Diaper 101 Classes
  • Baby Showers
  • Cloth Diaper Parties
  • And more!

You can easily ask me questions, schedule a consultation, or get laundry tips when you contact Rachel by filling out this quick form!!  Be sure to ask her how you can save on your first order from GroVia and get free shipping!


Ask about cloth diaper gifts today!


Stay tuned for more info on our PAJAMA PARTY in February and the Great Cloth Diaper Change in April!



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