Athens Cloth Diaper Bank

We are happy to announce that Cradled in Joy Birth Services is now home to the Athens, OH Cloth Diaper Bank for low income families. If you are willing to cloth diaper, we can give you a lifetime supply of diapers for free!  We are also always collecting donations of gently used cloth diapers or money to build a stash. Rachel also donates 50% of her earned GroVia points to cloth diapering supplies for the bank.


If you are interested in donating to the cloth diaper bank, please contact us for drop-off information.

If you would like to apply for a free cloth diaper stash, please email Rachel at  Donations are determined by financial need, and are dependent on current stock of donated supplies.

To qualify, families must:

  • Be eligible for and/or participate in the WIC program.
  • Agree to return the diapers to the Athens Cloth Diaper Bank when finished with use, and to NEVER resell the diapers.
  • Take a 1 hour cloth education course with Rachel to learn about proper fit, care, and absorbency (this ensures your success in cloth diapering!)

One of our recipients!


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