Birth and Parenting Support for the Modern Family

As you embark on your parenting journey, it’s important to have the education and support you need to feel as empowered as possible!  Cradled In Joy Birth and Parenting Education is here to help you find Lamaze birth classes, breastfeeding support, placenta encapsulation, cloth diaper education, and more as you begin the important and life-changing task of becoming a parent!
Rachel assisting at the birth of Jackie's second child

At Cradled in Joy Birth and Parenting Education, we want to help you have the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience that is right for you, whether you want a natural experience or an epidural with the very first contraction. Consider our website as a resource to point you in the best direction to help you and your family grow together!

And be sure to pop over to our blog (subscribe, even!) and like us on Facebook for our ruminations on birth-y topics from updates on our new and continuing credentialing, reviews of popular pregnancy books and baby products, to stories about birth and babies in popular culture.

Who I Am:

Rachel Szostek, CD(DONA), Lamaze instructor, placenta encapsulator, cloth diaper educator

Preferred Referrals:

Jackie Warmke, CD(DONA)

Julie Gladney Borman, IBCLC

Register for a Lamaze class here!

Register for Placenta encapsulation here!

Schedule a cloth diaper meeting or ask me cloth-related questions here!

 Contact us by using this form or by reaching us at the information listed below.


Rachel Szostek, Birth Doula, Lamaze instructor, placenta encapsulator, cloth diaper educator


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