March Birth Class and Movie Night!

Hello all!

March is a fun month for Cradled in Joy Birth and Parenting Education–we have a one-day birth workshop and a fun movie night from GroVia coming up.

Birth Workshop

March 19th, 8am-5pm

This is a new format for busy families who need to learn about birth and comfort tools as efficiently as possible. This workshop runs all day and covers the Lamaze 6 healthy birth practices, labor and birth biology, natural birth comfort techniques, interventions, breastfeeding, and the first hour after birth!  Pack a lunch and join us for an intensive, fun-filled day that prepares you for meeting your baby!

Movie Night

March 19th, 6:30 pm

Come in your pajamas and enjoy a family-friendly movie and popcorn. Those of you who cloth diaper, I will have some information about using cloth at night available, and as always, I will be open for questions! I will also have sneak peeks of the new swim diapers, ONE colors, and zippered wet bag prints to see! Be sure to RSVP at the Event page:

New From GroVia1936031_964990446871492_4441889712170812973_n.png

Don’t forget all the exciting new things that will be available from GroVia on March 14th!


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