New Name, More Programming

Some of you may have noticed that Cradled in Joy Birth Services has recently changed our name to Cradled in Joy Birth and Parenting Education. It’s a small tweak, but reflects the growing and changing nature of our website. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you know that our website is a referral source for a wide range of services connected to birth and parenting. We are excited to welcome Julie Gladney to our site as our preferred IBCLC (board-certified lactation consultant), and can’t wait for her to meet each and every one of you and share her wisdom!

In addition, Jackie and Rachel are offering a different array of services as well. Both of us love our doula work, but have increasing demands in other areas of our lives that require us to offer doula services on a very limited basis. But when one door closes, another opens, and that couldn’t be more true with us!

Rachel is working her way through additional trainings and seminars to offer an even broader range of educational services. In addition to Lamaze Birth Classes, Cloth Diaper Education, and Placenta Encapsulation, Rachel is training to learn more about infant massage, postpartum rehabilitation, baby wearing, and mother care in the coming months. Stay tuned to see how these trainings will help us to offer even more to the Athens birth and parenting community!



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