MommyCon Chicago and Ticket Giveaway!


Wow, MommyCon Chicago is just over a month away!  I’ve been informed that the event, which has expanded into more conference center space this year, is close to selling out!  I am super excited for #MommyConCHI because Chicago is the home base of the convention as well as the MILK and WEAR conferences! Plus, there are more exhibitors, more great talks, and more FUN for everyone!

What sessions am I most excited for? Well, let’s start with these:

Is your Picky Eater Driving you Crazy? Yes, yes he is. How can we sneak more veggies in? (The universal question of parents of toddlers.)

Postpartum rehabilitation. As a birth professional, I want to know how to help women get back to their full selves after birth. We tend to discount the transformative process of having a child, and I am so excited that this convention is ready to talk about real issues that affect mothers long after pregnancy!

Potty Training/Toddlerwearing. Okay, these two are at the same time and I can’t choose! We are going to be potty training two at the same time so I really need the help, BUT I also want to find new and comfortable ways to wear my rapidly-growing babies/children. How will I ever decide????

Your Child’s Brain on Music. Both of my boys adore music. If I can learn more about how to make it more a part of our lives, I will.

Body Positive Images with Jade Beall. The 4th Trimester Bodies Project is one of the best photography series out there. I am SO excited to see what Jade has to say after her work with hundreds of mothers!  (And if I can sneak a selfie and 5 minutes to pick her brain, I WILL.) Like, I’m fangirling HARD over here!

Building Community with MommyCon founder Xza!!! MommyCon was started to help parents get out of their isolation and connect with others over common interests and trends in parenting, so there is no better person to talk about building communities from scratch than Xza! Her tireless work has made such a difference for parents and professionals all across the country, so I am excited to listen to her talk about how we can all bring a little bit of that experience back home to our own communities.

MommyCon Chicago also has a whole bunch of other exciting stuff lined up, like the Make & Play day camp. That’s right–at this convention, you can even drop your littles off while you enjoy some mama (or papa) time! If mine were potty trained, I’d be on this like white on rice.


Okay, so who’s ready for a giveaway????? I am giving away a pair of tickets to MommyCon Chicago to one lucky winner! Head on over to the Cradled In Joy Facebook page to enter! Giveaway will remain open until 10:00 PM EST, this Sunday, January 31. In the meantime, buy some tickets for your friends at and be sure to use the coupon code CRADLEDINJOY16 to get $5 off General Admission at Checkout!

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