MOMMYCON 2016 and Coupon Code!!!! (+Atlanta Spotlight)

Wow!  It’s 2016 and that means more Mommy Con action! Remember how I got to go this year, and I only spent half the day at the convention, and it was awesome? Oh yeah!!

Oh and something else? Everyone gets a free goodie bag just for attending, filled with tons of cool new products! Plus, you can wander the exhibition hall to find even more goodies and samples and innovations for birth, babies, and parenthood!


Atlanta is up first on February 6th from 9a m until 5pm at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth,and just look at the schedule! 

Here are some of the sessions I am most excited about:

 Cloth Diapering 101 with Cotton Babies (okay okay I wish it were GroVia hosting but I’ll take any cloth love!)–we have saved so much money cloth diapering, that I suggest everyone at least look into it, especially since it means cute fluffy butts, fewer rashes, and earlier potty training!

Babywearing 101/ Wrapping 101/Toddler wearing/Ring Sling 101 are always winners, especially since baby wearing has kept us active and saved our backs!

Postpartum Rehab--oh yeah! It’s about time we started talking about how to care for ourselves after birth–we need to protect our bodies and I am super excited that this session is being offered! SOOOOOO hoping they offer this at Chicago!

Scaredy Cat Potty Training with Super Undies–dude, we all need a little help in the potty training department. Enough said.

Learning Through Sensory Play--I seriously wish we had gone to a session like this with our first child–sensory play expands the mind in so many ways, plus it is fun!

How to Create a Lifelong Reader by Scholastic–if you know me, you know that I am a HUGE advocate for childhood reading. Again, I hope this session is offered at Chicago as well–you can never have too many books, and I love finding new ways to get my boys interested in reading!

When you aren’t attending sessions, you can wander around the exhibit hall, take your kids to the craft corner, play with diapers and baby carriers in the demo areas, and so much more. Plus, your ticket enters you into the end-of-day giveaways!!! I always find some new product I love or brand to share at these events, and I hope you do too!

Plus, it’s nice to hang out with other parents in a family-friendly environment–kids are welcome, there are plenty of diaper changing stations, there is a private nursing lounge, and toys in every room!

And now, ready for the coupon code???

Just enter CRADLEDINJOY16 at checkout, and you will get a $5 discount on tickets for any MommyCon general admission ticket that is not currently in presale or otherwise discounted! Ready to find the right MommyCon for you?  Go here to see what each one has to offer and buy tickets today!  early bird pricing doesn’t last forever. Plus, your GA ticket makes you eligible to purchase VIP sessions, which I hear are AWESOME!

I’ll also be regularly updating on upcoming events, and especially when the Chicago schedule is released, since I’ll be there!

Here are the dates for this year:

Atlanta – February 6
Chicago – March 5
Seattle – April 2
Austin – June 25
DC – July 23
Costa Mesa – August 20
Orlando – September 3
San Jose – October 2



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