Norwex Cleaning Products Review

So part of parenthood means that you will be cleaning up a lot of messes. Diapers, tossed food, random things that your toddler stuck in his mouth and then spat out… get my drift. On top of that, a lot of things don’t get as clean as they used to thanks to busy schedules and, well, toddlers.

recently had the opportunity to try two Norwex cleaning cloths—the Window Cloth and the Enviro Cloth for free. My opinions are totally my own. Overall, I give the cloths an above average score for their ability to get a good clean, but I give the marketing a failing grade.


The Pitch:

Norwex is a cleaning supplies company based on a multi-level marketing design. (Think: home parties.) The core of Norwex’s pitch is their microfiber cleaning cloths, which claim to clean without chemicals and have the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface.

The science:

“Without chemicals” is a buzzword. To get a good clean, you have to wet your cloth (which is made of chemicals) with water, which is a chemical. Seriously, everything is made up of chemicals; it’s the dose that makes the poison, not the fact that a chemical exists.


I also read the research that Norwex bases these claims on, and the studies show that the silver in the microfiber cloths does have a small antibacterial effect if a spill is wiped up immediately, but is not going to work on biofilms that have been sitting a while. I also confirmed this with two biologist family members who said that there is no way these cloths could guarantee bacteria-free surfaces for most typical cleaning uses.

My tests:

I used these microfiber cloths for about two weeks on every dirty surface in my house. I also washed them a few times to see how they held up after laundering. The cloths stayed in good condition, and took a couple days of light cleaning before they exhibited odors. They managed most basic clean-up with only water, saving me money on cleaning sprays. For heavy cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom, I immediately washed the cloths and followed up with a sanitizing solution on surfaces.

Window Cloth:

This is a FANTASTIC streak-free solution for your mirrors and windows. I also used this cloth to attempt to clean some faucets and shiny stove surfaces, without as much luck. This is more of a finishing cloth, and not a cleaner. But as a finishing cloth, it did get my mirrors and faucets very shiny.Unknown-1

Enviro Cloth:

The microfiber on this cloth is good quality, providing excellent scrubbing without a lot of elbow grease. With just water, I was able to wipe clean my kitchen table and counters, as well as my bathroom counters and toilet surfaces. The cloth had some trouble with grease, dried material, and soap residue. Norwex does make a scrubby cloth, which may be the solution to this issue.


Other Norwex Products:

While Norwex touts their cleaning cloths as the base of the brand, I found many of the other products in their catalog more appealing. They have an entire line of eco-friendly food storage and kitchen options, like silicone bowl or pan covers and re-usable snack and sandwich bags.


In addition, they make re-usable drinking straws, which are now on my Christmas wish list because our boys go through straws like crazy around here.


Plus, Norwex makes the CUTEST little hand-drying “pets” for kids!


Overall, I think Norwex is worth a look. The cloths are durable and fairly good at getting things clean, and the company does make a line of unique products for house and home. If they could only stop exaggerating the usefulness of these cloths and get rid of the words “chemical free,” they would have my complete endorsement.

If you are interested in learning more about Norwex, you can contact the Jess Sienkowski, an independent consultant at or her website


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