Mother Mary: The Mother of God is the Original Brelfie Enthusiast

Recently, I was privileged to be a part of a celebration of breastfeeding through a photography campaign that celebrates mothers feeding their babies. As almost always happens when a breastfeeding photo is posted, some people spoke about the indecency of the act. Breastfeeding selfies, or “Brelfies,” have become popular on social media largely due a movement that is trying to normalize breastfeeding.

Well, Brelfies are not a new thing. Just ask classic and renaissance artists who depicted Mary breastfeeding Jesus. Like, there is a lot of this out there. Rembrandt, Da Vinci, and plenty of greats from ancient times to modern times depicted these moments with Mary and her baby. (A couple of them look strikingly similar to that Time magazine cover, yea?) These were often commissioned by, and hung in, churches. So the next time someone reports your Brelfie (which is silly anyways, because Facebook isn’t going to remove it), just point them to Jesus.






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