Columbus Ohio MommyCon 2015 Review!!!!

Alright, here it is, the long-awaited review of MommyCon Columbus, OH 2015. In short, it was awesome! we almost didn’t go because my whole family had the plague, but after waking up on Saturday morning, I decided that I really did want to go after all.  We didn’t get there until around lunchtime, but there was so much to do I didn’t even notice what I missed! I took a few pictures, but you will have to forgive the quality–I did them all with my phone!

First, the swag:

Just for going, you get a gift bag that is stuffed to the gills. This is a picture of the contents of my husband’s bag and mine, plus a wrap he got for me and a few things we picked up at vendor booths. I was thrilled to try some new products. I especially like the Sage Spoonfuls snack tubs we got, as well as the room deodorizers (helps with the cloth diaper funk on laundry day) and of course, the awesome Kiinde baby feeding system!  In addition, my husband picked up these truly non-leaking zippy cups from Re-Play, and trust me, my boys put them to the test!  They haven’t figured out how to get the caps off, and no leaks yet!


So what did I do all day?

To be honest, there was one chat I wanted to see, and it was Dirty Diaper Laundry’s talk on reusable menstrual products. I admit I am totally on the re-usable bandwagon after experiencing better, lighter periods between baby #1 and baby #2. Kim did a great job explaining the ins and outs of cloth pads and menstrual cups. I loved hearing her perspective, because it will help me share my love of safe, cheap, and environmentally-friendly menstrual care with others. Also, I won a DivaCup thanks to the fact that Aunt Flo finally made her appearance on Friday, so that was a bonus as well!

My husband attended the Leaky Boob’s talk on bottle and breastfeeding, and he loved it as well. Her message was one of inclusion and acceptance of all mothers, and a stab back at the mommy wars. If you are feeding your baby, good for you!

I also spent a lot of time walking around the booths and seeing the new products that are out–it’s nice to know what is out there to help moms who have questions. Plus, I like talking to people who are as nerdy about parenthood as I am. I also made a stop at the Ameda booth to share my love of nursing with the world.


What about the kids?

Oh my goodness, did they have fun!  Every seminar had a spot in the back of the room with toys from Ikea and Nova Natural Toys, so the boys had plenty to do while we hung out. There was also a sweet craft area, with some of the coolest products I have seen!  Let’s just say we decided to re-vamp the playroom after seeing some of these cool ideas this weekend!  We also rocked our GroVia ONE cloth diapers, because I can’t resist the cuteness and the fact that they are perfect for long days out and about!


All in all, it was a great experience, and I am really hoping to make it next year, both to the general admission day AND to some of the VIP sessions. I think both of the boys had a good time, if you can’t tell by the way they passed out on the way home.


I really hope that they can find a larger venue for next year–Columbus is a perfect location, but I really feel like they could expand to a much bigger and easier to navigate location next year! I’ve already put my street team application in for 2016 and I am SUPER pumped to promote it again! PS, did I mention that I learned how to use a wrap? This is AWESOME for toddlers. My first attempt at a rucksack carry was met with much rejoicing. 🙂



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