BityBean Baby Carrier Review

As part of the Lamaze birth classes that I teach in Athens, Ohio, I always like to give parents a quick “intro to parenting” segment, including a baby wearing segment. Babywearing has many benefits that include less fussy babies and better breastfeeding success. Plus, it is SO much easier to get stuff done around the house when you have two hands!  My favorite types of carriers thus far are the Sakura Bloom Ring Sling and the Ergo (both regular and lightweight performance styles). The Moby, or wrap-style carrier, is also great for early newborn snuggles, but it can be hot in the summer.


I was asked to review the BityBean Ultra Compact baby carrier as part of my membership on the New Mommy Media Review team. I was given a complimentary carrier from a seller on Amazon in exchange for my honest and thoughtful review, so here it is:

Overall, I really love this carrier and I am going to make it part of my regular carrier line-up. I wear both of my children, a beanpole-ish 3 year old (28 pounds) and a chunky 1 year old (24.5 pounds). Here’s the quick version:


  • Tiny and compact–this fits just about everywhere and I never find myself struggling to bring it with me, even in my purse! Or my husband’s back pocket!
  • unnamed-1
  • Lightweight–this will be a lifesaver for plane flights and luggage fees!
  • Included convenient carry bag is a nice touch
  • Cool–I can’t tell you how much better this carrier feels in the summer heat than any other carrier I own
  • Comfortable, for the most part–I particularly like how well this mimicked the feel of a much larger soft structured carrier
  • Durable and sturdy–this carrier appears very lightweight, but it can hold up a lot of chunk!
  • Fast shipping and thoughtful protective packaging


  • As with any carrier, it does have a learning curve, particularly with the leg clips
  • My husband didn’t notice this, but I felt that the hip/waist strap cut into my mommy belly a bit. I would like to see this manufactured a little bit wider to help offset that discomfort.

My detailed review:

This carrier arrived packaged in a small protective cardboard box, which was a nice touch and ensured that the carrier arrived to me in perfect condition. When I first opened the carrier, I couldn’t believe how small it was–not much bigger than the Cherry Coke can I was drinking out of. As I pulled it out of the bag, my first impression was that this carrier was so thin and weightless that it couldn’t possibly support the weight of my kids! However, this carrier easily and securely held both my children in appropriate carry positions without worry. I especially think my 3 year old liked it because he had much greater freedom of movement than in the larger soft structured carrier we own. My husband prefers the front carry for our one-year old, and describes it as incredibly comfortable and cool. I personally prefer the back carry, and I love that the shoulder straps are so thin and breathable. I have two minor issues with this carrier; the leg clips do take a few extra seconds to fasten, which can sometimes be a pain if I am in a hurry, BUT they ensure a safe hip position and secure carry. My other concern is with comfort–the hip strap is just not quite wide enough for my tastes; I would love to see the next edition of the BityBean include a wider waist strap for better comfort, particularly for those of us mamas who have a little extra tummy after birthing children!


The BityBean easily fits in the corner of your purse or inside a water bottle pocket!


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