FREE Cloth Education Event This Weekend! And Giveaway!

As part of Rachel’s GroVia advocate work, she is offering another FREE cloth education event this weekend: Splish, Splash, Suds!!!

It’s a two-parter–

Part 1:

Come for a baby pool playdate, and feel free to borrow a cloth shell to see how using cloth as a swim diaper can help your baby look cute and help you save money!  We might even have a sudsy fun photo shoot like this:I Splish Splash Suds!

I am passionate about using cloth in every area of life, and after learning how expensive swim diapers are, I thought it might be nice to share how my family uses our GroVia hybrid shells as swim diapers at home, at pools, at splash pads, and at the lake!

Part 2:

This part is an education component. I (Rachel) have recently completed training with Fluff Love University on cloth diaper laundry care and troubleshooting!  I learned so much about the science of laundry and I am excited to share tips and tricks with you all! For example, I learned about how to properly prep diapers, how to find cloth-diaper safe ointments and detergents, and how to troubleshoot for stink, stains, buildup and more. I took the “final exam” so that I could be fully ready to answer YOUR questions at this event.

Popsicles, prizes, and more:

I will be offering a sweet giveaway raffle for anyone who comes (trust me, this is a good one!) and all guests will be treated to lemonade and popsicles!

Ready to come? Visit the Facebook event page to learn more and RSVP!


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