Lamaze Birth Class July 25-26!

It’s official; the July Lamaze Birth Class is scheduled for the weekend of the 25th and 26th, 9am-4pm each day with an hour from 12-1 free for lunch.

Why should you take a weekend to engage in birth education?

Because the research shows that a woman’s birth experience has a profound impact on motherhood and self-identity for years to come. A positive and empowering birth experience helps families adjust to a new normal, improves infant and mother bonding, and helps with recovery and breastfeeding experiences. Indeed, there is some evidence that suggests a positive birth experience may help to lower the risk of postpartum depression.

Why should you take a Lamaze Childbirth Education course?

Because Lamaze helps you to appropriately prepare for whatever birth you hope to have, whether it is an unmedicated natural birth or a planned cesarean. In this course, you can expect to learn realistic expectations for the sensations of labor, as well as a variety of comfort techniques to help you along the way. This isn’t your ma’s Lamaze! Covered labor tools include:

  • Breathing, meditation, and relaxation exercises
  • Physical supports
  • Optimal labor and pushing positions
  • Interventions and medical forms of relief
  • And more!

In addition, the course will prepare you for every stage of labor, and help you to understand why fetal positioning, movement, and choice matter in your labor and birth!  I want you to be prepared to have an ideal birth experience, whether you are planning a home birth or hospital birth!

My Lamaze course also goes beyond the basics to help you with the 4th trimester, an often-overlooked, but essential period in the pregnancy and birth process. Topics covered include:

  • The first hour after birth
  • Newborn characteristics and bonding
  • Newborn procedures
  • Breastfeeding
  • Babywearing, infant care, and more!

A comprehensive birth course gives you more than a hospital tour and truly prepares you and your partner for the birth experience. My birth course helps partners learn how they can support you and be a part of this life-changing experience. I want you to be prepared for anything, which is why I cover topics in-depth, show you a variety of birth stories, and practice techniques with you until you are comfortable doing them on your own. Lamaze uses evidenced-based information to give you a birth experience that helps you work with your team of support people, care providers, and more to help both mom and baby have a joyful and healthy birth experience!


Upcoming Events!

Things have been quiet here at Cradled In Joy Birth Services for the last month or so, but we are getting ready for a summer of fun, including a July Lamaze birth class, a Wine and Wetbags coloring event, a summer pool party, the official opening of the Athens Cloth Diaper Bank, a potential new partnership, and a late summer open house!  Be sure to stay tuned for more information!

July Lamaze class will be held the weekend of July 24-26, exact times TBA

July (date and time TBA): Cloth love pool party playdate!  Bring your babies and learn how you can use cloth for swimming adventures!

August (date and time TBA): Wine and Wetbags coloring event–sometime in August–come color mini wet bags and enjoy a glass of wine with other mamas!

September (date and time TBA): Cradled In Joy Birth Services Open House!  Come learn about all our services and enjoy snacks, a free cloth diapering 101 class, a free intro to Lamaze class, and a Lamaze class reunion!!!

Athens Cloth Diaper Bank is now officially accepting donations for local families in need!

And…..talks are in the works for an exciting new partnership!  If it pans out, we will announce here!


Save the Date! and GCDC final numbers!

That’s right, the date has been selected for next year’s Great Cloth Diaper Change! April 23, 2016!


And the grand total for 2015 is: 7,441 participants! Athens, Ohio had 39 participants and we hope to have even more next year!

While we did not break our previous year’s official total, we did come very close. Most importantly, through your hard work and dedication, GCDC connected 7,441 people, in 18 different countries around the globe. Our participants had fun, and together we raised awareness about the benefits of cloth diapering. That is a success!

We had over 280 events, on 6 continents, in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, South Africa, and the USA. 

Our top three events were:
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA: 182 participants
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA: 177 participants
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA: 125 participants

Please join us again next year on April 23, 2016!