Great Cloth Diaper Change: Athens–Are you ready???


Hey wouldn’t it be fun to get together with other families this weekend? Like, on Saturday? To hang out?

We could talk about cloth diapering and our favorite prints, maybe swap some tips, and let our kids play together! And those parents who don’t cloth diaper could ask the old pros for some advice. You know, like “How do I build my stash?” Or “What is the best night solution?” Or “How do you deal with all that POOP?”

You know what else would be awesome?  If we worked together to help families in need use economical cloth diapers. Maybe we could even bring some cash and donate to some raffles!  Or how about stock up on some samples of different eco-friendly parenting and baby products? Like rash cream! Or nipple cream!  Maybe some people would even donate some goodies for us mamas and papas!

Think this sounds like a great idea? Let’s make it a party! Sometime during this “party” we’ll have to change a diaper. I mean, it happens. Whoa–what if we all changed a diaper AT THE SAME TIME????? This could be really fun! How about if there were activities for siblings? Or a cloth 101 class? And maybe even some snacks and COFFEE???

Guess what? It’s happening, this Saturday, April 18th at ARTS/West. We will be part of a global challenge to set a world record for changing babies into cloth, and YOU ARE INVITED! 288 locations, 20 countries, and Athens, Ohio! Cloth diapers have never been so much fun!


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