Cloth Diaper Accessories

Here is the next installment in the Cloth Diaper series: Accessories! Okay, so you might think that once you have your cloth stash, you are done, but actually there are several products you might find helpful along your cloth journey. Here are some of my favorite accessories: Sprayer Don’t like poop? You need a sprayer, starting around 6 months when your baby is introduced to solids. (Or immediately if baby uses formula.) Trust me, this one’s a lifesaver.


Cloth Wipes Remember all those reasons you love cloth diapering?  Multiply that times 1000 when you use cloth wipes. They get the baby clean easier and they will save you boatloads. And all you have to do is throw them in with your regular diaper laundry. AND when your baby potty trains, you now have a huge stash of cleaning rags.


Wet Bag and Pail Absolutely essential. This bag is your travel container for dirty dipes when you are out and about. A pail is a big version of a wet bag–gathers the diapers and helps you load them easily into the washer when it is time to clean!

grovia_perfect_pail_grab planetwisewetdrybag3bags

Cloth-Diaper Friendly Ointment/Rash Cream Commercial creams can ruin your cloth diapers, because, well, they can make them waterproof. If you need to protect baby’s bum, do it with something gentle. There are a bajillion people who make CD-friendly cream, but I am addicted to two: the GroVia magic stick and Earth Mama Angel Baby diaper balm. The stick means I don’t have to touch any butts, and the EMAB balm smells divine.


Disposable Liners These look like dryer sheets, and you simply set them on top of your insert or liner. Why use these? Well, if you don’t have a sprayer, this is a way to make waste disposal easy. Liners can also protect your cloth diapers from heavy-duty rash creams when you have to use the serious stuff on your babe. grovia-cloth-diaper-bioliner-view-2 Detergent Your diapers are next to baby’s skin 24/7, so you need to keep the chemicals away. Even “gentle” commercial detergents contain additives, which is why you should consider using a specially formulated detergent.


For more information on cloth diapering, see the rest of the series:

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