Why cloth diapers?

This is the first in a series on cloth diapering, which will include: reasons for cloth diapering, cloth diaper laundry tips, and types of cloth diapers!  Get ready to learn a lot and get pumped for cloth!

We love cloth diapers. Like, LOVE them. But why?  I hear a lot of people say, “oh, they are so confusing” or “isn’t that a lot of laundry?”

Well, not really, and don’t worry; future posts will address those specific questions. But there is more to cloth diapering than just being a dirty hippie. Here are my favorite reasons for cloth diapering.

1. It saves a ton of money.

In the first month of my first son’s life, we spent $250 on disposable diapers. Yikes. Our entire stash of cloth diapers cost us less than $600. Since he is almost three, and thanks to a developmental delay, will be in diapers for a while longer, that means we will save roughly $6000 by cloth diapering. AND we are saving even more since we are now using the cloth on our second child. So, add another few thousand to that number. Plus, we went for some more expensive cloth diapers. If you choose simpler methods, you stand to save a lot more. And, because I am a visual learner, here’s a graphic:


2. Cloth diapers are WAY cuter than disposables.

First of all, if my kid is having a hot day and wants to run around in his diaper, he can, because it’s fricking adorable. Cloth diapers come in every color of the rainbow and about a million cute prints. Add on the limited edition prints and we cloth mamas start collecting diapers like shoes.

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

3. Cloth is better for baby’s bum.

How so, you ask? First of all, cloth diapers don’t contain the nasty chemicals used to manufacture diapers, and with a baby’s sensitive skin, that is a great thing. Second, babies feel the wetness in cloth a lot more than they do in ‘sposies, which means they get changed more frequently. The less they sit in moisture, the less babies have to deal with rashes and discomfort. So, yeah, I choose cloth so my babies cry less. Oh, and because cloth diapered babies feel the wetness more, they tend to potty train sooner. Hallelujah!

Image taken from a google image search. I don't even know how to pronounce these.

Image taken from a google image search. I don’t even know how to pronounce some of these.

4. It’s better for the environment.

Even with all of the water and energy use associated with washing cloth, it is still WAY better for the earth to use cloth. It is estimated that a disposable diaper takes 500 years to decompose, and considering you go through thousands, that’s a whole lot of nasty sitting in the landfill for a looooooooong time. Plus, you have to add in manufacture and shipping environmental costs as well. Not to mention that most disposables are being made by workers who don’t get paid a fair wage.

Oh yeah, that's a lot of oil.

Oh yeah, that’s a lot of oil.

I put this reason last, because while it is admirable, it is often not the reason that gets parents off the fence. Money talks, and when it comes to diapering, the money factor is a huge one for parents who are getting ready to spend a whole lot on a little person.

So are you excited?  Ready to experience cloth?  Stay tuned for an announcement about the upcoming Great Cloth Diaper Change to find out how you can explore cloth diapering and learn about it more for free!

Mamas who use cloth–why do you choose to diaper your babies in cloth?

Want to learn more? Check out the rest of my series:

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