But What if He/She Bites?

Ah, teething.  That turning point in nursing when many mamas give up.

As my 7-month old is working on his FIFTH tooth, I am reminded how much teething is a mother’s first time to introduce gentle discipline. Biting at the nipple is not pleasant, but with a little practice, your child will learn that nipples are for nursing and not biting. Just thought I would share a few quick tips for those of you who want to keep nursing your babies without the pain of teething!!

IMG_8379 copy

My eldest, when he had his first teeth!

1-Rub their gums before a feeding. This helps to reduce some of the urge to bite at latch-on.

2-If they bite, the feeding is over. Most tethers tend to bite near the end of the feeding. If they do, gently say “no bite” and break the latch with your pinky finger. Eventually, your child will learn that biting=no more food.

3-Gently push the baby in towards the breast. La Leche League suggests this technique because your baby will naturally release to breathe as you bring him or her into the breast.

4-Contact a Breastfeeding Support Group Leader or a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) if nipple pain and biting continues.

Mothers all around the world nurse long after a baby has teeth, so if you want to keep nursing, you can!  Just look to others for support and gently remind your baby that you are a person; not a teething ring!  Good luck, mamas!


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