Meet Jackie

Greetings and salutations! My name is Jackie Warmke, and I’ll be joining Rachel here at Cradled in Joy, so I reckoned I should start by introducing myself. A short version of my bio will be over on the About Us page, but here’s a more chatty narrative version (which you will soon learn is my preferred style).

I’m a native of Athens, Ohio, the child of teenage parents (well, they aren’t anymore, of course!). I met my husband in a high school creative writing course sixteen years ago; next spring we will have spent half our lives together. Our two daughters are four and one, and I am awestruck every day by how entirely themselves they are. I earned my undergraduate degree in English language and literature from Butler University, with a minor in anthropology, then returned home for a masters in literary history at Ohio University. My favorite class in college was Anthropology of Sex and Love: though at the time I was inundated by the workload, it formed the foundation of how I would eventually approach motherhood and, of course, my work as a doula.

I met Rachel two years ago in birth doula training. She began taking clients immediately and so has completed her certification with Doulas of North America (DONA); in fact, I hired her for the birth of my second child. Because of the demands of my own pregnancy and postpartum year, I only began attending births in July of 2014 and am still working toward certification.

Around town you’re likely to find me at Birth Circle and La Leche League meetings, the farmers’ market, and various little-kid hangouts including the Athens Public Library and the Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery, as well as popping up in several local moms’ groups on Facebook.

I am excited to be coordinating childbirth services with Rachel. We share a love of evidence-based practice and a passion for helping expecting mothers and their partners gain the information and skills they need to be empowered by the journey through and into their new lives as parents. Cradled in Joy’s current professional offerings include Lamaze childbirth classes, DONA birth doula services, and placenta encapsulation. Together with her husband Jason, Rachel offers photography sessions to capture the seasons of your life, as an individual and a family. Over the next weeks I will be undertaking a correspondence course to add postpartum doula services to Cradled in Joy’s menu of services, and I am registered for Child Passenger Saftey Technician (that is, car seat expert) training in the spring.

Beyond these listed professional services, we’re both great big birth nerds, always reading and learning about all sorts of matters related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum mama care, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and more–and always looking for ways to share the knowledge that so excites us! Watch this space for continued blog posts, links, and more.


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