Long time, no see!

After a long pregnancy and birth of our second child, I am back to blogging!  In addition, you may have noticed a few new services offered on my site.

I now offer Lamaze Childbirth Education classes after getting trained this spring. I am so excited to bring Lamaze classes back to Athens, Ohio! My classes focus on six healthy, evidenced-based birth practices, and the many ways you can use those practices to have an empowering birth.  I cover comfort techniques, breastfeeding and more in my 12 hour course. I am excited to announce that I will sit for the exam this April to complete my Lamaze certification.

I now also offer placenta encapsulation services for the Athens, OH area.  In addition to encapsulation, I also prepare placenta prints and placenta tinctures for moms who may be interested in these options. I hope to have more information on my website soon about the benefits of preserving your placenta for your health and recovery.

I am still on maternity leave from doula services, but I am always happy to refer you to other birth doulas in the Athens,  Ohio area.  I recently obtained my Certified Doula confirmation from DONA, which means that when I start offering services again in the spring, I will be able to do so with a professional certification from a trusted organization that abides by a code of ethics and practice standards.

I continue to follow the research in birth and breastfeeding circles to ensure that I always provide you with the most up-to-date care and education. I always excited to learn about new advancements that will help you have a successful birth experience, and I absolutely love learning about the wonderful way that human life continues to evolve and grow.

Since returning to my birth business, I have decided to write my blog as I am able, which means I won’t be sticking to a strict schedule. I still hope to cover a wide variety of topics related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and family. In addition, I hope to share with you some elements of my journey as a parent and professional along the way!

Here’s to new beginnings!