Blog Schedule!

Okay, now that I finally have most of this website up and running, I am ready to give you some regular blog posts!  This blog schedule will hopefully address a wide range of issues in parenting, pregnancy, birth and beyond.  I want this to be a dialogue about everything that mothers, hopeful mothers and expectant mothers face on their journeys, so tentatively, here it is:

My Family Mondays (less frequent):  I will sometimes post on Mondays about my family, what we are doing, and what works for us.  Every family is unique, but it always helps to hear tricks that worked for other moms, which is why I want to spend one day a week talking about balancing the life of my own family and some of the tricks we learned along the way.

Trimester Tuesdays: These days are all about TTC, pregnancy and everything in-between.  Think of Tuesdays as a bit of a pregnancy guide that gives you a different perspective than what you may find in the “What to Expect” series.

What’s Going On Wednesdays (less frequent): This is the day for current events.  If there is something big in the news, a new study or anything else exciting that YOU should know about related to pregnancy, breastfeeding, birth and parenting, I will share it with you!

Doula Thursdays:  Thursdays are for birth, breastfeeding and postpartum support; my specialty!  Think of Thursdays as a guide to the 4th trimester and beyond!

Favorite Things Fridays: These days are dedicated to my favorite baby and mama products!  I will share products I love with you to help you build registries or make things just a little bit easier in your home.  We moms love to rave about our favorite things!

New posts will begin next week!  Can’t wait to see you all there!  (And, because no post should be without a picture, I have included a fun one below!)



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